Medical transcription is the transcribing (typing) of doctor’s reports from dictated audio files. Each time a physician or other medical provider sees a patient, a record is kept – the medical record. The best news is that medical companies hire qualified individuals who work from their home to do this work for them.

Work from home medical transcription jobs are advantageous due to the following reasons:

a) Very less investment. Only a PC, Mic, Headphones and Broadband connection are required.

b) Medical Transcription jobs are paid fairly well.

c) If continued over two to three years, a person gets enough experience to start a small company of his own.

Getting certified by a good training institute increases the credibility of the person to handle medical transcription and ensures long term success in the field. There are Medical Transcriptionist certifications and advanced degrees for Medical Transcription that will make you a valuable Medical Transcriptionist. If you are really interested in MT career then learn from the best college i.e Canscribe Career College.


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